Heated Seat Smart Toilet


Warm and Comfortable:Turn on the seat heated to 36 degrees Celsius to drive away the discomfort caused by cold weather.
High-quality Ceramics Toilet:We use high-quality ceramics that have been calcined at high temperatures and glazed with micro-crystals can keep their color unchanged for a long time. The smooth glaze and pre-wet toilet wall technology prevents dirt from adhering, combined with powerful flushing to make the cleaning of ceramic bowls easier but a few water consumption.
Foot Induction Flushing: Convenience of life while freeing your hands. After using the toilet, flush the toilet through the foot induction method.
Power Outage Flushing : Occasionally there is no fear of power failure. The built-in powerful battery can flush water approximately 2500 times.
Soft Night Light: The smart toilet including night light, Knob ambient light,providing convenient visibility during nighttime bathroom visits. Prevent midnight accidents and make your trips to toilet safer for your family.



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